The streamlined and modular design of The Ultimate Clarifier allows the system to be used in a wide variety of industries and applications:

Municipal Wastewater and Water Treatment

  • Municipalities
  • Towns
  • First Nations Communities

Wastewater treatment is a continuous concern for Municipalities, Towns and First Nations communities. The Ultimate Clarifier provides better, less expensive wastewater treatment with proprietary advantages over standard clarifiers.

Drinking water treatment is also a concern. As Federal drinking water standards have gotten more stringent, compliance has become increasingly difficult for small communities, especially for those with a surface water supply. (e.g. river, lake or stream) or a well site with iron or other contamination. The Ultimate Clarifier can remove algae, iron and other water contaminants before further treatment to produce potable water. The system would be an improvement to many communities, from both cost considerations and Federal compliance standpoints.

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon Water Treatment

Food and Beverage

  • Processing/manufacturing plants
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Chicken processing

The reduction of waste solids, oil and fat discharged into the environment will be increasingly important as standards continue higher and higher.

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon Water Treatment

Oil and Industrial

  • Oil Field drilling operations
  • Refinery applications
  • Membrane protection
  • A wide variety of industrial wastewater can be treated
  • Machining, plating, parts-washing applications

The Ultimate Clarifier has been tested and shown to remove 95% of the oil from water, producing visibly clear water (effluent) which is an exceptional performance not accomplished by other clarifiers. The superior clarification ability of The Ultimate Clarifier protects the oil reducing membranes, meaning fewer backwash cycles and longer membrane life. This results in substantial savings. For industrial wastewater, The Ultimate Clarifier can remove a wide variety of industrial pollutants and byproducts from industrial processes.

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon Water Treatment


  • Enhanced Primary sewage treatment
  • Sediment removal from process water
  • Mineral recovery-heavy metal removal

The Ultimate Clarifier can be used for sewage treatment, sediment removal, mineral recovery, and heavy metal removal for water. Since mining activities relocate to follow the resource being mined, the compact, portable nature of The Ultimate Clarifier is a key attribute.

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon Water Treatment


  • Cruise Ships
  • Ferries

The compact, fully enclosed nature of The Ultimate Clarifier are important attributes for this industry. Coastal and inland waters also have increased environmental standards. The Ultimate Clarifier is the centerpiece to meet the new environmental standards.

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon Water Treatment