The Ultimate Innovation in Water Clarification and Sewage Treatment

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The Ultimate Clarifier

What's more important, price or performance?
No need to choose. This new, patented water clarification method offers the best of both worlds.

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon

Faster, smaller, more cost-efficient system

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon

Cleaner and clearer water

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon

No environmental contamination

Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon

No offensive "sewage" odor

Innovative Municipal, Industrial and Environmental Applications

  • Quickly and more thoroughly separates more suspended solids from wastewater and surface water than standard clarifiers
  • No odors produced in the treatment process – usable in populated areas
  • Protects and lengthens the life of valuable membranes that reduce oil discharge
Innovation Water Clarification Saskatoon Water Treatment
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The Ultimate Clarifier successfully treats: raw sewage, septic sewage, industrial wastewater, septic industrial wastewater, oil, algae, silica, iron, glycol, waste canola oil, dairy cattle manure, and more.

The applications of this world-changing technology are endless. Here are a few possibilities:

Patented "Ultimate" Water and Wastewater Clarification Method

Ultimate Advantages


This completely automated system grinds up sewage and treats it with a flocculating chemical in containment.


Dynamic mixing and internal system processes make far greater use of the flocculating chemical than standard systems.


Suspended solids, oils and bacteria are separated from the liquids with a significant reduction in BOD.


The treated clear water flows out from the top of the system while the sludge containing the solids and inert chemicals are removed from the bottom of the treatment system.


This method results in a higher level of treatment and solids removal in less time and at less cost.


The treated water and wastewater is remarkably clear. Water and other useful by-products can be repurposed.